Stop Santee Cooper’s Taxpayer Bailout

South Carolinians are on the hook for billions of dollars in debt

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Stop Santee Cooper’s Taxpayer Bailout

South Carolina taxpayers and Santee Cooper customers are on the hook for billions of dollars of debt, much of it due to the state government-owned utility’s role in the V.C. Summer nuclear fiasco.

Urge Palmetto State lawmakers to get government out of the utility business today!

Here are the key facts:

  • Santee Cooper sank more than $4 billion into the failed nuclear power project that they pulled the plug on in 2017.
  • As a government-owned entity, the Santee Cooper and S.C. taxpayers are on the hook for the entirety of its debt. Santee Cooper customers will never see a single kilowatt of energy from the failed nuclear project, but they are paying for it and will continue to pay for it into the 2050s.
  • Santee Cooper plans to put South Carolina taxpayers on the hook to recoup costs.
  • The only way to protect all South Carolina taxpayers from paying billions for a hole in the ground in Fairfield, S.C., is for state legislators to take action and sell Santee Cooper to a buyer who will assume the billions of dollars of nuclear debt.
Take Action Now: Urge your South Carolina lawmakers to protect South Carolinians from a potential taxpayer bailout!